People are busy and demand service where and when they need it. Mobility has set the bar even higher for quality and speed of service. Your customers are everywhere in digital channels looking for your help to make decisions about what they want and need to buy.

Today the customers decide in which channels you should provide service.

Many customers’ purchase paths are interrupted when they don’t get the information and support they need for taking the next steps easily. In worst case scenario your company doesn’t even notice when it happens. And your competition benefits out of that. Often customers start their journey in digital channels and finally make the purchase or pick up goods or services physically in a store. The customer experience might be poor if the earlier communication with the customer is not passed smoothly forward from each step to the next one – and as a result the customer may be asked the same questions many times.

Easiness of service and good feeling after it are crucial factors today to keep the customers coming back – and to motivate them to recommend your company to other potential customers.

Do you know which channels your customers use or would like to use? Are you losing business because your customers don’t find you there – but your competitors are already there? Do you know how fast you are reacting to customer contacts in different channels? And is your service level and customer experience improving or not? What about your resources – are they focused on right things to optimize customer experience and sales?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers yet – we will help you to find the right way forward.

Solutions and services

Taika Connect – Omnichannel as a service

 Our modern cloud solution is an easy-to-use tool for customer service and sales. It combines the customer contacts and communication from different digital channels to one platform and helps your team to organize their work and serve the customers better.

The solution is developed by Taika Company in close cooperation with customers, partners and experts – with experience and passion. User experience and ease-of-use have been the main drivers for development. Our target is to include all features really helping your work. But nothing extra.

Main benefits to your company and customers are:

  • More productivity and flow to the work of your sales and customer service teams – all information in one view
  • Better accessibility of your customer service brings more sales – keep correct channels open when your customers are there
  • Improved customer experience – identifying a customer in different channels helps to personalize the service
  • Real data helps to identify what needs to be improved and where to focus your efforts – automatic online data and reporting enables quick development
  • Easy to deploy and use without special ICT skills – we provide turnkey solutions, trainings and continuous support together with our experts and local partners
  • It is easy to communicate with us – no complex “ICT language”
  • Reliability and cost-efficiency – invoicing is based on actual use without long-term commitments
  • Finally a modern solution also within smaller companies’ reach – no big initial investments or resources are needed to get started!

Main features of our solution are:

  • It gathers customers’ contacts from different channels to one centralized platform and view
  • Available channels are currently phone, e-mail, chat, Facebook and Twitter – and the selection is expanding continuously based on customer needs
  • Automatic online collection of data from all channels, reporting and analysing of the data – for example volumes and lead times of service tasks in different channels per day/week/month
  • Web based user interface which is easy to use
  • No technical limitation for amount of users, can be anything from one to thousands of users in one organization
  • Language options are English, Swedish and Finnish
  • Start-up support, administrator/user trainings for users and continuous support

We want to make sure you are happy with us and our solutions – always. We won’t let you down. It’s also important to us to hear your ideas how to improve our solutions.

Our customer promises

  • No hidden costs – you never commit to anything you don’t need
  • Costs are only based on actual usage of the solution and services
  • Availability: Our cloud platform has a permanent monthly uptime of at least 99,9% – and if something would go wrong you don’t pay for downtime
  • Your service tasks and questions are handled within 4 hours, usually faster
  • We bring you concrete data to help you improve customer experience and increase sales
  • We make ICT easier to understand

Interested? Contact us to learn more about our trial package. It helps us to find together the right channels for your customers with minimum effort and cost – and without any long-term commitment from your side.

We are also able to provide our solutions and necessary support services to international companies.

And if you are interested in joining our growing professional partner network, please contact us. For example, you may want our solution to your portfolio, or you see synergies and the opportunity to offer added value to your customers.


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